September 18, 2008

A Battle

*Note to my readers...just in case anyone actually reads any of this*
This poem was written fairly recently, as you can probably see from the date this was written on. I was having a rough day and the concept of just going back to self-harm seemed so wonderful and it seemed like it would make my world so much better. It was a hard battle but I did not end up harming myself (which I mention in the second part of the poem). I am very proud of the fact that it was hard but I made it.
*end note to readers*

I sit
I imagine
Sharp, silver blade
Blue veins showing
Through my pale skin
Silver presses against white
And makes red
The lovely crimson red of blood
And I imagine
The relief I would feel
The rush of it over my whole body
My problems would melt away

But no
I won’t
I don’t need it anymore
I have better ways to deal
I won’t
I don’t need it anymore
I don’t need it anymore
I don’t need it anymore

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