September 14, 2006

They Piss Me Off

They piss me off
Why can’t they let him
Be just who he is
Why do they need to
Pick over his faults
And always put him down
It makes me so mad that
They just can’t let him alone
If they aren’t big enough
To accept him as he is
Why are they my friends
What’s so different about me
That they can accept me but not him
Why are their minds so unaccepting
What do I have that he doesn’t
Why me and not him
He came here to a Christian school
Expecting nicer kids
Ones who wouldn’t hurl hurtful words to his face
But at this Christian school kids aren’t so
They hurl words aimed to hurt
These words they use

August 30, 2006


The thousand things
I wish I’d said
Go running across my mind
They all come to me in retrospect

February 26, 2006


Inside ones self

I wish I had a world
Where nothing existed
You were just engulfed
By the nothingness
No anger, no resent,
No regret, no pain,
No thoughts. Nothing
Plain and simple
Meaningless existence

January 20, 2006


*note to readers*
This poem is about bullying, or, more specifically, sexual harassment, that happened to me during high school for many years. This one was written during my sophomore year.
*end note to readers*

This week is gone
I was gonna tell
did I?
Another week
Where I did not tell
I know that I should tell
Yet I don’t
I am not sure
He’s just a jerk I repeat to myself
Then I think
Maybe it’s my fault
Maybe I did something
To deserve it
Is that Satan
Or my conscience
Maybe it’s all a dream
And someone will wake me up

January 14, 2006

A random smattering of poems...

*note to readers*
This is a few poems that I wrote all in one day...I must have been in some mood...LOL...the last one is a little dark...but this is just my feelings on a given day put into words that came with the moment...
*end note to readers*

Hide under the blankets
And never come out
Even when they all shout
My name
I never ever want to come out
I just want to hide
And sleep the day away


Walking in the rain is always fun
You can dance
You can run
And in the rain
No one can see the tears
That stream down your face
They just blend in with the rain
Making their way down your face
And they fall to the ground and
Become one with the rain

No one will ever see
The tears come down
They always will
No one
Will ever see
The tears I cry to frequently
Over this and that
Maybe it’s you
That causes these tears
Until you see the suicide note that I may eventually write
Until then
Just keep making fun of me
One more laugh,
One more cut
Into my heart
Maybe next time
You’ll cause me to leave
This world
‘Cause that’s what you wanted
That’s what you said
Behind my back or to my face
Next time may be the last
And my last breath
Will be used praying for you
And I always do
To learn the pain that you’ve caused
By the crude words you’ve said