January 20, 2006


*note to readers*
This poem is about bullying, or, more specifically, sexual harassment, that happened to me during high school for many years. This one was written during my sophomore year.
*end note to readers*

This week is gone
I was gonna tell
did I?
Another week
Where I did not tell
I know that I should tell
Yet I don’t
I am not sure
He’s just a jerk I repeat to myself
Then I think
Maybe it’s my fault
Maybe I did something
To deserve it
Is that Satan
Or my conscience
Maybe it’s all a dream
And someone will wake me up


Anonymous said...

This is very sad indeed. Who'd be a girl in this world? I'm so glad I'm a bloke, none of this sort of stuff to ever to put up with.

Hmm, do you have the word bloke in American English? ... Seems not, not that it matters, it's clear from context what it means! Hmms, the person who gave the top-rated answer in the bloke link doesn't like Americans very much. Maybe he's just jealous because he wishes he were American but instead he was born into a decaying colonial power rather than a superpower with no colonial history. Oh well, each country has its morons, England more than any other.

Emmy R. said...

I do very much enjoy being a girl, sometimes being a boy might be easier but I would rather be on the receiving end of teasing than on the giving end. Not to stereotype that all boys tease/harass/bully. In fact I know some great guys who would never do that, or at least have outgrown it (unfortunately they are all taken...): LOL). Someday a guy will come and sweep me off my feet...*tries to remove the "happily ever after" disney brainwashing out of her head* (: And if he doesn't I can still be a mom (one of my goals in life...) through the amazing technology that there is or adoption.

The word bloke isn't very commonly used in American English. If used it is most often used during skits along with a British or Australian accent to mock or mimic the British or the Australians (who according to the definitions on Urban Dictionary also use the word)

But there are some people who might use it in a regular conversation as well...

(: wow this "comment" is long...

Emmy R.