September 10, 2011

It is always really awkward when you wind up hanging out with two friends who are a couple and you end up going out and doing something coupley with them. Tonight I went to a sort of demolition derby thing with two friends who are dating. They kept on doing coupley things; cuddling, holding hands, little kisses, whispered intimate conversations. Right now I am frusturated because I hate that this is a big deal to me. = hate myself for wanting a relationship so much. I don't want to need anyone but deep down I yearn for companionship, and I HATE to admit that. It makes me feel weak. I also hate how much the issue of never being in a relationship affects me, so much so that I post two blog entries in a row that talk about the subject. I am sorry for complaing so much about this. At my school there is this thing called the "Senior Scramble" which basically is that people in their last year of uni are all trying to find their life partner before school is over. With that going on around me how can I help the frustrations that come with it. And family members keep telling me "oh Emmy, you still have 4 months left at uni, that is plenty of time to find a spouse" *sigh*
Sorry about making two posts in a row about this. Hopefully my next post will be a happier one. I really do hope so. I could use a happy post! haha

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