January 3, 2010

more word vomit...

More thoughts
Running through my mind
Just found out about
A girl who I know
Is going to go to a hospital
A psych hospital
For a 60-90 day stay
For drug abuse
And anorexia…
And from what I have heard
Cutting too…
It hits much too close to home
It scares me…
Really, really scares me

What if that is how
They would react to my truth?
Send me away
Send me away
Send me away
Far far away
Hide me away
As if they are ashamed
(Because I know they would be)
Ashamed of my secrets
My secrets
Would become their secrets
And thus the web of lies continues...

They could send me away
To a place where
They would no longer
Have to deal with me
So they could keep
My crazy contained
So they could pretend
Everything was ok
(I used to wonder
Where I got my ability
To pretend,
It is no secret now)

I just know they would send me away
I feel crazy
But yet I feel so sane

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