January 10, 2010

PostSecret video * My thoughts * Update

PostSecret video.

I just want to say that I LOVE PostSecret. I have mailed in several secrets but I have not seen any of them on the website or in two of the books I own

"I think everyone has a secret. And I like to imagine us keeping them in boxes kind of like this. [holds up box] And I think that everyday each one of us has a choice; to take that box, and bury it down deep inside of us and forget it like a coffin, or to find it and bring it out into the light, open it and share our secrets like gifts."

"The last thing i learned putting that book together is that all of us have a secret that would break your heart if you knew what it was."

"Free your secrets and become who you are."

My thoughts.

this video sent chills up my spine...I want to learn to free my secrets...but i am so, so scared. The only place I have shared them is on here and in a couple of secrets I have sent in to PostSecret. I have also told one person in my life, plus a few counselors...and of course there are the internet friends...but i wish i could tell more real-life people...


*big sigh* i just really really need a hug right now...i screwed up today...day 1 starts tomorrow...and i am not even able to write out or word vomit the thoughts going through my head...and that sucks...because then they just stay there and keep me down...i hate this...

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