March 7, 2010

another poem...


Just another little note
Reminding me of my failures
Not like I do not get smacked
In the face
By them every day
(The scars which line my arms)
Because they define me
My failures define me
I lie to myself
And tell myself that they do not
But they do
Each scar along my arm
Just another definition
That I have laid upon myself

the note I am referring to in this post is a letter I got from my college that told me that I did not get into the RA position that I had applied for...
as of now I am in a much better mood as far as this RA told me that she already knows of someone who is probably going to drop out of their RA position so hopefully I will get to be an RA afterall...

btw. today is day 17, i wrote the poem thing on day 14...i am still going strong!

Emmy R.

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