October 20, 2008

A note to my RA

*note to readers*so I am not really sure if this blog thing will continue to be an almost every day thing, but I wrote another poem today.*end note to readers*

Should I tell you?
I don't know
I think I will
But when?
You are always so busy
With homework
And everything else
(And I understand)
I go over there
Usually just to say hi
But sometimes I really want
To just talk
The other day I came
And watched “Legally Blonde”
Then, after, you asked me
If I had made another appointment
At *college counseling center*
I haven’t, and I told you so
I told you that I wasn’t sure
If I really should go back
I know the last time was great
And I felt really good after
But this time could be different
I just don’t know
You encouraged me
To make another appointment
And I might this coming week
I am pretty sure I will
But also
I want to talk to you
You seem like you would understand
But I’m not sure how
To start the conversation
Or even what I’d say

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