December 13, 2008

Loving Myself...and Exams

I came to the conclusion recently that I am finally in a place where I have learned to love myself. I don't know how or when it happened but it is an amazing feeling! For so long I have hated my body and my looks. For sure I know that my body is not perfect but I have come to accept it. Wow, this is a seriously good feeling.

I am feeling sick-ish from eating too much candy today...woops...LOL... Exams start tomorrow (or today since it is 12:40am-ish) My first exam is at 1:30pm. Not too bad. I am going to study for a little longer tonight and then I am going to go to bed and get up at 10am-ish tomorrow and study some more. Tomorrow's exam is Spanish, I suck in that class. But it is ok I can still pass the class even if I get a D- on the exam. Currently I have a C in the class. My goal is to get at least a C on the exam if not better. If I only pass the class then it won't transfer if I ever decide to transfer univeristies, but if i get a C- or better then it will transfer...

Anyways, my exam tomorrow is for Spanish, like I said and Spanish isn't exactly my forte...oh well...

I will let you know how it goes...

The rest of my exam schedule goes as follows:
Saturday: 1:30pm - Spanish
Sunday: no exams
Monday: no exams
Tuesday: 1:30pm - Philosophy
Wednesday: 9:00am - Biology
Thursday: 6:30pm - Social Work
Friday: no exams - I am flying home!!!!

Ok...time for me to quit being distracted and get a little more studying done!

Emmy R.

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Not the usual said...

Hope the exams go well, and that you have a safe flight home (and a nice Christmas)!