February 20, 2009

Considering...a SI poem...but sort of random...just ranting my current thoughts...

My coping mechanism of choice
Razor to my skin
It helps me deal with my pain
To bury the hurts in my past
To hide the feelings
That are unacceptable to the world
(Or does it?)
Crippling emotionally
Tears I cannot cry
Emotions left unexpressed
Remembered only through the
Pink scars along my wrist

But the pain comes back
I cannot keep it at bay
Even with this method
That once seemed to work so well
I have come to know
The reality
The calm I felt
Through the razor to my skin
Only lasts for a short while
Soon the feelings creep back
They find their way
And begin to taunt me again
And I cut
Cut them out
Remove them
But somehow
They return

Does it even work?????

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