February 28, 2009

Pierced Nose

I got my nose pierced today. I have been wanting to since a year or so before I even turned 18 (legal adult age in US). I am away from home in college (as you know if you have read this blog for long) and a friend wanted to get her cartilage pierced so I decided to get my nose done as well. We rode the bus all the way to the tattoo/piercing place and when we got in they asked to see our ID's (my friend forgot to bring hers so we are going back next weekend so she can get her cartilage pierced)

I was uber nervous and I thought that it was going to hurt really bad but the lady who did the piercing was great and it barely hurt at all! I wish I could put the name of the place on here but I can't for my own anonymity. The lady first got out all the equipment and then explained the procedure to me as well before actually doing the piercing. The piercing itself took about 10-15 seconds including putting the jewelry in. I had one tear fall from my eye but that was it. The tear was just from shock. I got it pierced on the right side of my nose. I LOVE how it looks! Also because it barely even hurt I really want to get some other piercings (I don't know what though) but I probably won't anytime soon. I need to see how I react to this one first. I want to make sure my skin (which is sensitive) doesn't reject the piercing and also that I don't get an infection!

All that is left is to call my mom and tell her...we will see how she reacts...I was going to do that tonight but I kept putting it off and now it is too late...I don't know if I should call tomorrow or not because it is sunday and there is church and all and she will be around family...but I do want to tell my friend when I call her tomorrow night...I will let you know what i do...


ok...I called my mom and dad and their reaction was less crazy than I thought it would be...I had assumed that their reaction would be rather like that of the mother in this (click here) Instead they were rather civil. I called my mother first (assuming that she would be with my dad and he would hear at the same time, but she was at my great aunt's and he wasn't there) anyways she didn't believe me at first and then she told everyone in the house...LOL...at the end she sounded a little disappointed though and basically told me I should call my dad. After that I was scared to tell my dad. I called him and made small talk and the I just told him. He didn't believe me at first but then started laughing when I told him that mom said I needed to call him and tell him to make plans for his matching piercing. He laughed and then we just chatted and then at then end of the conversation he said that he was pretty proud of me and that if the only thing he has to worry about me is that I got a piercing then he is pretty happy.

Emmy R.

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