July 25, 2009

So i remembered what I wanted to post about last night. I wanted to talk about my favorite TV show...which I may have mentioned before. The TV show is called Degrassi: The Next Generation. I believe it originally started back in the 80's as an after school show to inform (or help them understand, i guess) junior high students about different issues. Not like worldwide issues like war and stuff but other issues like anorexia, abuse, pregnancy and so much more. The show that started was Degrassi Junior High which went for two years and then came Degrassi High which ran for two years. Now the show that is currently airing is called Degrassi: the Next Generation. It is currently finishing out it's 8th season in the US. (the 8th season is done in Canada where it airs originally and is recorded). Degrassi is essentially the same as it was in the past only it deals with some of the same issues and also some new ones that weren't as common back in the 80s.

One newer issue it talks about is Cutting. One of the characters, Ellie Nash played by Stacey Farber, begins cutting herself to deal with the stress of caring for her alcoholic mom and her dad being away and still keeping up with schoolwork. This episode is one of my favorites. I think it does a fairly good job of helping people understand about cutting a little better. But the reason I wanted to write about this is because I was watching this episode, Whisper to a Scream from season 3, with my sisters. It was really weird having my sisters behind me watching Ellie cut herself when I am also a cutter...

I first saw this episode of Degrassi a few months after I started cutting...it really caught me off guard and gave me a name for what I was doing. It kind of helped me to understand what was going on.

ok...so that is all for now...off to watch the 3rd Harry Potter Movie with my brothers....

Emmy R.

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