November 4, 2008

Tell you

*note to reader* The words within the brackets like these [ ] are saying the same thing as the line above it. I am using a style of poetry that I learned in high school that I really enjoy writing from time to time. I don’t know if I like these extra lines included or if I might just take them out. *end note to reader*

Tell you
Things (objects? No)
Stories, truths, events
My (contained) life
[Contained within my life]
Happening or happened
Tearing . . me . . a . p . a . r . t
[Bubbles surrounding me]
Keeping evil influences out
-POP- as I arrive
Not understanding what I believe
(Or why)
Previously Protected
Hidden from true choices
Currently Curious
About my new found freedom
Questioning Qualities
Which I once held true
Purposeful Pain
Searching throughout my life
Hunting for Healing
Learning how to grow
Breathe in...
Breathe out...
Stories Spill
Loosening Lips
Trying To Tell
My stories

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I liked this poem, from -POP- onwards spoke.

I found your site via some other blog I track of some girl in Asia, Malaysia if memory serves.

I like reading people's blogs who live in foreign countries. People who you are never going to meet even by chance, living thousands of miles away. It gives blogs the "someone out there" factor, which I like.

Keep writing your poetry. I'll leave a comment from time to time to prove I'm actually following.

My blog's rather... unusual, hence my username. There's not much there of interest, it's just a recording for later.

Best wishes from London.