November 20, 2008

Lunch today

*note to readers* This is a poem I wrote today after encountering someone who has some similarities to me. I was shocked, not because of the scars I saw on her wrist, but because I didn't expect someone who did/does the same thing that I did to be so close to me. But anyways. Here is a poem I wrote today about the encounter with her that I had. *end note to readers*

Lunch today
I ate with a girl I've met before
We chatted
We laughed
She lives in my dorm
On the floor just below mine
I saw
Her wrist peeking out
From behind her sweatshirt
I was stunned
But I continued
To converse

I'm thinking
About this girl I barely know
One similar characteristic
We share
Outward injury
Inner hurt
I want to know
Her story
Are there other similarities
Between my story and hers?
Outward injuries
Inner hurt

And I digress

Emmy R.

1 comment:

Not the usual said...

I typed out some stuff and a suggestion about this girl you've met, but deleted it. It'd be interesting to know what happens in due course, but as always it's your blog, so that means you write about what you want to!

Thank you for your kind words the last few days. I didn't like the way you put (Scars) three times, it just gave me a horrible feeling of darkness and dread, I felt claustrophobic. Hmm, I said, "I didn't like," but take that as a good thing, because it clearly means the words you wrote are getting a reaction out of me.

I think you write good poetry.

By the way, I've only quarter-read Notes from Underground and have never read anything but a handful of quotes of Bernard Fall. I can count on two fingers the number of classics I've read cover to cover (Nausea and C&P), and can count on one hand the number of classics I own (all of which were bought years ago, still not read 'em) =)