May 3, 2009

an older poem...

I was going through a binder of my old poems I randomly pulled out today. I found one I want to share. It is an older one but I just check and it doesn't appear that I already posted it on here. I wrote it kind of as a letter to a friend who has struggled with bulimia, so here it is...

There's something
I want to ask you
I hope it is ok
What I want to know is this
do you ever feel
like you really wish
that you could go back
to the way things were \
do you ever get stressed
and feel like you need
the release you once had
and the calm you felt after
Do you?
I must know the answer
(and I almost hope you do)
because that would make me normal
and not craxy for wanting to go back
to the way things were,
when relief
was only a pinch, a scratch, a cut, a burn
I desperately hope that I am not just
losing it

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